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Customer and Job Applicants - Your Privacy and GDPR


How does S.I Mechanical Ltd use my information?


S.I Mechanical Ltd uses your information for the purpose of processing and delivering your order.


What data and personal information does S.I Mechanical Ltd collect from me?

S.I Mechanical Ltd collects your information in several ways:


Your personal information is gathered when you place an order with us

S.I Mechanical Ltd may ask for your [name, address, phone number,…..]


If you contact S.I Mechanical Ltd in writing we may keep a record of that correspondence on file.


[If you apply for a job with us, we will ask for your name, address, phone number, email address, brief history of employment and relevant qualifications.]


Cookies and how S.I Mechanical Ltd use them?


When you log-in to our web site using a Username and Password, your browser could alert you to the fact that a cookie is being sent to your PC.


This is a cookie that is permanently stored on your computer and is used the next time you visit S.I Mechanical Ltd


It helps our server to identify you so that we can display your previous orders and shopping basket you had previously and to help you shop quicker by remembering your username and password if you stored it.


How does S.I Mechanical Ltd protect your personal data online?


S.I Mechanical Ltd stores your data in compliance with the latest GDPR regulations and we never disclose or sell on your data to any third parties.


Debit and Credit Card details are not stored on our web site, they are processed and encrypted securely through First Data Merchant Solutions, this company provide secure connections through the transaction process.


Your Account Information at S.I Mechanical Ltd is password-protected so that only you have access to your personal information. S.I Mechanical Ltd will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited email or phone call.


How long will S.I Mechanical Ltd retain my data?


We will keep your personal data secure, only store it for as long as needed and only for the purposes of fulfilling the services required. Once personal data is no longer needed, we will destroy it securely.


If you apply for a job with us and you are unsuccessful, we will keep your personal data for no longer than 6 months.


Your choices regarding collection, distribution and use of your information?


S.I Mechanical Ltd may need to contact you regarding your order or to discuss the details of your order requirements.


S.I Mechanical Ltd will not email you with promotional offers unless you subscribe to our Newsletter



You may at any time request that we delete you from our data base be emailing us at and in the subject title PLEASE REMOVE MY DETAILS FROM YOUR DATA BASE and we will delete you from our data base.

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